What is Party Plan?

From Tupperware to Avon, Phoenix Cards to Pampered Chef, The Party Plan industry has helped Mums to earn extra money over many generations. The range of products on offer has expanded since the 50's but the principal is the same. Seen as a business solution typically for mothers, in reality it is great for anybody who wants to bring in additional income & be in control of how & when they earn it.

  "Party Plan is a method of marketing products by hosting a social event, using the event to display and demonstrate the product or products to those gathered, and then to take orders for the products before the gathering ends"

So why become a Party Plan Agent?

  • You are running you own business with the support of an established company.
  • You can work the hours that suit you
  • The time & effort you put in equates to the income you receive.
  • You earn extra income without disruption to your family.
  • You get to meet new people.
  • You set your own goals depending on how much money you want to earn.
  • You benefit from great commissions by purchasing highly discounted product.
  • You have access to great training & coaching in all aspects of the business & products.

And why choose My Toy Story?

  • It is a Fantastic Brand offering only Beautifully made Wooden Toys.
  • You will have access to some of the most well recognised & award winning toy brands in the Industry.
  • You can sell at a huge number of events including Parties, Toddler Groups, Fetes & Craft Fairs
  • You have access to our website & catalogues to sell from
  • Our Busiest time is Christmas - which enables you to earn a fantastic amount when you need it most.
  • Opportunities to sell throughout the year.
  • You can continually take orders outside of your events.
  • You will receive as much Training & Support as you need.
  • Our success correlates to your success so we are determined to ensure all our agents reach their maximum potential.
  • You can take your children along to many of the events i.e Toddler Groups.
  • You can run parties anytime of the day to suit you.
  • You have access to our Secret Agents Page to download any marketing material you need.
  • We produce regular marketing leaflets to promote your business dependent on the time of year & special offer
  • We offer incentives to recruit your own agents and expand your earning potential.
  • Any events or parties that we hear about in your area will be referred to you.
  • We will help you put together your own marketing strategy to maximise success.
  • We host team get-togethers so you can meet everybody & share your success tips.
  • We offer a simple commission structure based upon volume sold.
  • You get paid up front by your clients & then you pay for the products you need to order.
  • No experience or qualifications are required (just a smiley disposition!).
  • Your children get to play with some great toys!!

Don't be disillusioned there can be risks! The performance of your business depends on the effort you put in. The more marketing and 'promoting' you undertake the more money you will earn.  It is your own business so it really is down to you to make it a success! The start up costs are minimal compared with the benefits you can gain & the enjoyment that can be had. Find out more in the [How Does it Work] section.

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