Our Story........ 

Picture this.....5 screaming children, 1 flat buggy tyre, 1 lost parking ticket,

2  dirty nappies, 3 toilet stops, 1 newborn due a 

feed & 4 hrs later we still hadn't done the

   Christmas shopping!!

& so....... 

My Toy Story was born!

My Toy Story was started after we had struggled to find good quality traditional toys locally & were fed up traipsing up & down the high street with young children in tow.  The plan was to create a business that would bring a beautiful toy shop into your own home & our ethos was to enable you and your children to See, Touch, Feel & Play with the toys letting you see whether they were suitable before purchasing (not finding out afterwards!). We have now expanded to offer our customers the chance to buy our beautiful products on our website. Everything we sell is tried and tested by our kids or other peoples children at the many toddler groups and coffee mornings we attend. We take pride in what we sell so whether you are purchasing for your child or for a gift we hope you enjoy browsing through the products we have to offer. 

Our Testing Team (a.k.a our Children!!)

Rest assured that (nearly) all our products are given a through and rigorous trial run before we let them loose on the public. Finn, Henry, Beattie, William, Alex, Charlie, Elliot & Casper have the enviable job of testing all the stuff.  They’re a hard bunch to please so you can be sure if it’s on our website it’s up to the job.

* Finn - Age 10, Our school age tester.  Likes: - fighting, wrestling, football, tormenting his sister. 
Dislikes - Kissing,  Saying goodbye, tidying the playroom. 
* Henry - Age 9, Our technical whizz kid - Likes: Starwars, Doctor Who, Arts & Crafts
Dislikes - Olives, Cheese, Houmous, Having a Shower. 
* Beattie - Age 8, Our girlie girl - Likes: talking (lot and lots!), puzzles, dancing and sleeping in the dog basket. 
Dislikes: - Any Quiet! 
* William - Age 5, - Our reception class tester Likes: Being out doors and he is our master of mass destruction! 
Dislikes - Sleeping, tidiness!
* Alex - Age 10, Our construction expert - Likes: fighting with Finn, anything that looks remotely like a weapon. 
Dislikes - Mushrooms, Charlies Snoring. 
* Charlie - Age 7, Our animal expert - Likes: Our dinosaurs (check them out in 'playsets'), Horses & Annoying Alex!
Dislikes - Going Home.
* Elliot - Age 7, Our Art and Crafts expert - Likes: painting, drawing and all our Melissa and Doug & Djeco stuff (have a look in 'Make and Do'). Dislikes - Tidying away.
* Casper - Age 6, Our budding Jamie Oliver- Likes: being in the kitchen 'helping Mummy', sitting on William & Super-heros. Dislikes - taking off his Batman costume! 
* Evie - Age 2, Our baby/toddler tester - likes puzzles, smashing down her building bricks, singing.
Dislikes - Sharing with her brothers, not getting her own way!
But on a serious note.... Why did we choose Wood?
After being invaded with the usual noisy, plastic toys which were soon broken, abandoned or squeezed into the cupboard out of sight, we were keen  to find toys which would last and look good but still offer educational advantages. More importantly though, toys that would still satisfy our children's insatiable demands. The answer was easy- wood.
  • Wood is warm & tactile to touch.
  • Wood makes agreeable sounds whilst your child plays.
  • Wood is easy to clean & is favourable for childrens with allergies or babies with weak immune systems. 
  • Wood has a far greater chance of lasting.  Although it is not entirely indestructible, the rubbing off of colours over time & the  softening of wood through sucking & scratching will not make the product dangerous.

Why these brands?

The brands we chose to represent undergo stringent & very thorough testing & all use environmentally-friendly methods for the sourcing & production of their toys which is important to us. The vibrant colours & attention to detail on all the products make each & everyone a joy to behold.  Plus each of the brands we have chosen distributes through the UK. If you want to find out more about each brand click on the icons below.
We have worked hard to source & choose products that match our (sorry our children's) requirements. We are proud of the toys we sell & the brands we represent so we hope they live up to your expectations too! Deborah & Sally x
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