Eitech -

Eitech was founded in Germany back in 1955 as a metal parts manufactuer. The company focused on the development & production of a variety of steel products based on the companies powerful "Eitech" tool & moulding division. Today, Eitech designs, engineers & manufactures the highest quality metal construction kits in the world.

Whether young or old, everyone can playfully gain experience in the Eitech world of technology. Eitechs's creative metal building sets help develop childrens gross motor function, creativity & adaptability for all ages. 

A wide range of building sets are availabe for young builders 4 years and up, to Eitechs renowned advanced metal sets for older, more experienced builders. 

Eitech construction kits are loved & enjoyed by children, parents, grandparents, teachers and engineers alike. All component systems and construction units are interchangeable with one another & kits are expandable. Eitech sets use an easy & safe assembly technique by means of classic screwing technology that guarantees stable metal design. With most of Eitechs Metal Building Sets you can build several models or create your very own unique structures.