Frequently Asked Questions


Is Party Plan Pyramid selling? No it's a legal ethical business system that can be fun & very lucrative. Its used by many companies such as Phoenix Cards, Body Shop & Pampered Chef. See "What is Party Plan?" to find out more.

Are there any Sales Targets? Although we recommend you to target yourself so you have something to aim for, we do not stipulate when you work or how much you earn. We may from time to time offer incentives to enable you to win prizes or vouchers however participation is unobligatory.

How do I earn my commission? We do not pay commission as suchAs described in "How Does It work?" you start by selling through your catalogues, website & at house parties or events. You will be given a % discount based upon on your total order collected, See "How Does it Work?" for %. The difference between the money you have collected & the amount you pay for the product for is yours to keep.

Who do my customers pay? Your customers pay you for their toys when they order. You then use this money to pay for the items when you order from us.

Is there a minimum order value? No. However the larger the order the more profitable it is for you. Your postage is free on orders over £70 the standard £2.50 is charged on any orders under this amount.

Can I get a discount on the toys I buy for my children? Yes, you place your order as you would for any of your customers. In fact we recommend that the toys you use for your children are also added to your showcase. Seeing your children play with them will give you further insight into why somebody else may want to buy them.

Do I need to know a lot of people? No, In fact it is a great way to meet more. However, securing future party bookings at every event you attend is a great way to boost your profits. You also need to be happy to proactively market your business at every opportunity. We will offer lots of helpful hints and tips on how to increase your sales.

How many parties do i need to have? As many as you like! We do not specify how you sell your products so you may sell more through the catalogues. However, we have found that parties tend to generate the most sales & lead to many more future opportunities.

Can I just start by selling from catalogues? We are flexible in how you want to run your business. We recommend an initial outlay of £200 to cover a showcase of toys, catalogues & marketing material as we have found this the most profitable way to sell. This showcase is adapted to you, & varies for each of our agents. However if you wish you can start with just the catalogues and build up more product as you go along. Speak to us to discuss what would suit your requirements.

Can I sell on ebay or at car boot sales? No, you can't sell at auction sites or at boot sales.

How often do you publish new catalogues & how do i order more? We print 1 catalogue per year. Should any further lines be added they will be provided as a supplement. Additional catalogues can be ordered along with any stock, they are charged at 75p each.  We run bonus offers on catalogues at varying points in the year.

Do I have to offer other Incentives? We recommend that you offer your hosts a £5 voucher for holding a party as a Thank You. We also recommend you give further vouchers if the host signs up any of their friends to hold a future party.

Do I get any training or support? Yes, we will help & support you as much as you require. From setting up to making the most our of your business we are there to help you succeed. We also hold quarterly get-togethers as we believe it is important to know the whole team, & any helpful hints & tips can be shared.

Can I build a team? We would welcome the chance for our agents to run their own teams & would be keen to speak to anybody who wants to do this.

Are there any Agents in my area already? It is unlikely that there will be many agents in your area. Due to the way the party plan business works & the huge amount of opportunity out there it is unlikely to be any cross-over. If you would like to know if there are any registered in your area contact us today.

Is there an age limit? Yes, you need to be 18 years or over.

As an Agent am i employed by My Toy Story? No. As an agent you are self-employed. We advise you contact to understand how to register as self-employed & declare your earnings. We also recommend you contact Business Link who offer fantastic advice for start-up business's.

Do I need any Public Liability Insurance? Yes, to sell at any public event you need Public Liability Insurance to protect yourself. There are a large number of companies out there who offer this & we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

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